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February 19, 2014


SJR13: Annually Increasing Minimum Wage sponsored by Sen. R. Martinez failed to pass the House of Representatives on a 33-29 vote. Joint Resolutions require a “majority of the elected body” to support the initiative in order to pass each of the respective chambers. SJR13 had the necessary 21 votes to pass the Senate (42 members) but required 36 to pass the House (70 members). We do not expect SJR13 or “Minimum Wage” related bills to be discussed again before tomorrow’s adjournment. SJR13 proposes to amend Article 20 of the Constitution of New Mexico to require that the state minimum wage be increased annually at the rate of inflation. If passed, the Joint Resolution would not require the Governor’s signature, but instead, would go to the voters of New Mexico. As was seen in the minimum wage initiative that took place in Albuquerque; many people believed that an increase in minimum wage meant an increase for all employees at all businesses. That was not the case. Many businesses in Albuquerque had to either move some employees from full time to part time, and in other instances, some employers had to lay employees off. An automatic increase in wages does not ensure an automatic rise in sales to offset the costs of the annual mandatory pay raises. ACI believes a uniform, national, minimum wage reduces the administrative burden on employers in New Mexico and also makes New Mexico an attractive state for creating jobs. ACI also believes that addressing minimum wage in the form of a constitutional amendment is just bad policy. If the legislature needed to adjust or make any changes to minimum wage in the future, they would again have to send it to the voters in order to make any changes. ACI opposes this bill as FOCUS priority.



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