About ACI

ACI Is Your Access To The Political Process

ACI, under these guiding principles, provides opportunities for businesses to access and become involved with the political process. ACI members are eligible and encouraged to participate in ACI’s committees and issues roundtables to help develop ACI’s annual legislative priorities.

ACI publishes its member-driven priorities each year in the ACI Legislative Agenda. ACI’s legislative positions are distributed to the New Mexico Legislature before each legislative session.

ACI supports the New Mexico Prosperity Project which is a non-partisan, joint effort between New Mexico’s employers and state and local non-profit business organizations to encourage more active and informed participation in the government process.

ACI Is Your Gateway To Inside Information

ACI members are kept informed on state legislative activity affecting business in several ways. During the legislative session: member alerts are sent out via email; weekly conference calls are offered for members to interact directly with the ACI President to discuss current legislation; and ACI’s weblog is updated daily with the latest legislative news on business issues. ACI also keeps members up-to-date on other business activities throughout the state via publication of the quarterly ACI Business Voice newsletter.

ACI Is Supporting New Mexico’s Business Community

ACI recognizes outstanding companies each year that demonstrate Vision, Investment, Vitality and Action. Learn more about this year’s VIVA Award Winners.

ACI Is Beneficial To Your Business

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