Membership Benefits

Enterprise Level Investment Benefits

  • Basic Membership dues will be counted toward the achievement of Mission Level Investments
  • Convenient contacts with representatives in Santa Fe and Washington via links/contact information on the ACI website
  • Access to restricted ACI website content
  • Permission to use ACI logo identifying as a member (co-branding opportunities)
  • ASK our President: E-mail questions & answers
  • ASK our Lobbyist: E-mail questions & answers
  • Invitations to select Interim Committee Events
  • Member Discounts to educational and issues related L.E.A.D Events
  • President’s Forum – ACI’s President & CEO travels to your town to speak to members and others in your community

Plus all the Benefits ACI Members Now Receive:

  • Lobbying & Advocacy – Representation at the New Mexico Legislature and other Regulatory Agencies
  • E-Alerts – Customized email communications on business issues of interest to you
  • ACI’s Focus – Annual Legislative & Judicial Review Publication
  • Invitations to ACI Events – Educational and Networking Opportunities
  • Invitations to Issues Roundtables held throughout the state
  • Unlimited participation in Public Policy Committees
  • Invitation to serve on Marketing, Membership, Events/Development & Policy Committees
  • Eligible to serve on elected Board of Directors
  • Access to ACI President’s daily Weblog during Legislative Session
  • Invitations to Legislative Briefings throughout the State
  • Complimentary use of ACI Conference Room and Teleconference Services